Agentura regionálního rozvoje

Water management

The Agency has long been dealing with the issue of protection against floods and the effects of drought. Smart water management takes many forms, and our goal is to guide clients appropriately to the most appropriate solutions - and preferably using grants and subsidies.

We advise you on how to prepare and implement measures in the countryside, such as reservoirs, ponds, revitalization of streams, how to adapt farming on agricultural land and how to integrate these measures into the countryside. We advise you on how to prepare for the impending floods. We advise on how to retain water in the landscape and settlements for periods of drought, how to manage it in buildings and centres of municipalities and cities.

We run the Catalogue of Grant Opportunities, an overview of subsidy programs on the topic of flood protection and drought impacts


  • We provide consulting, analyses, studies, investment plans
  • We provide project documentation, including engineering
  • We process applications for subsidies, we guide you through subsidy issues.
  • We run the Catalogue of Grant Opportunities, a simplified overview of subsidies in the field of water management