Agentura regionálního rozvoje

Digital innovation HUB


Are you planning to digitise? Use the services of the Digital Innovation HUB for the Liberec and Hradec Králové regions

DIH Northeast supports small and medium-sized businesses and public administration in introducing digital technologies. We will increase your efficiency and future competitiveness.


Test Before Invest is a process of several stages. You can either cover each one over time, or choose only the parts most relevant to you. Test Before Invest involves a digital audit, the application of digital technologies, and testing concepts in a testbed.

Digital audit

We will listen, ask questions, and check during the digital audit. We engage the experience and knowledge of our experts and generally applicable best practices. We evaluate the current situation and recommend how to move forward and point to the greatest opportunities and the biggest headaches. Together with you, we will prioritise each individual area of change.

Digital technologies

We bring together a number of top centres in the Liberec and Hradec Králové regions that successfully offer their digital technologies to customers in the Czech Republic and abroad. We will put you in touch with them, recommend the best road towards a solution, and provide a range of additional services, such as Platinn consulting or grant management in the field of support for digitisation.


The current market dynamics place high demands on innovation processes at companies. The time before the next innovation arrives on the market is becoming shorter and shorter, and companies that are able to effectively come up with new added value for their products are the winners. The testbed will help you test your plan before investing large sums of money in it.