Agentura regionálního rozvoje

Data portal of the Liberec region


The goal of the project "Information and data portal of the Liberec region" is the creation of a unified data portal for making relevant available public data and information available. Publication of specific types of data, data sets, open data and information about the essential conditions and phenomena of life in the region - about transport, regional projects, investments, monuments, the environment, etc. The project is part of the implementation of the Action Plan of the "Smarter Region for the Liberec Region" concept.

The data portal is implemented as a pilot verification within the SALK III project

The aim of the activity is to verify the functionality of the Information and Data Portal of the Liberec Region, a new tool supporting the innovation ecosystem in the region. The implementation of the pilot verification was approved by the RVVI in September 2022. The mentioned tool is also successfully implemented in other regions of the Czech Republic, from which we draw experience.



Are you interested in sharing your public, research and private sector data on our data portal? Do not hesitate to contact us. Also, your applications, based on publicly available data, can be placed on our portal and thereby also contribute to the clear acquisition of information for citizens.